The Maxima Difference

What’s in the name? In case of our business, a lot. We are truly immersed in the non-bank commercial property debt organisation. Since its foundation in 2002, Maxima with its partners has originated over $300 million in commercial loans. Today, we have 4 offices in Australia and New Zealand with over 80 staff backing our 8 highly trained master minds in the field. We work hands on management on daily bases creating avenues. We are proud to say that we are the leaders in the non-bank commercial lending industry.

Our difference is: We don’t approach it as a business, we have the passion to create wealth for others in our DNA’

All of this is evident in our work. We have been dominating the commercial property debt sector for well over 30 years and are well established in major markets. Maxima’s borrower client base consists of High Worth Borrowers and large Corporations, many of whom have had relationships with Maxima and the team behind Maxima for over 20 years.

We are proud to show Maxima is committed to the sector and over the years has continued to invest in developing its capabilities. We respect both the systems that support the business and the people that deliver these to our clients. Outside of the major banks, there is no other organisation like Maxima in Australia that contains the essential skill sets required to manage commercial loan investments. Our team is well educated, informed and aligned with an enormous capacity of network groups. We have worked in major fields knowing full well that this is where reputations are created or crushed. A funds management capability is one that covers and protects private investors.

Why invest with Maxima

To manage your unique goals and portfolio requirements, it is important you remain in control of your investments. Guided by the insights of our Investment Committee, our ability to see both the risks and opportunities means we can create decisive action plans for every market condition to complement your goals and assist your decision-making.

As seasoned investors, we will support you to grow your wealth. We create a tailored plan suitable just for you. You will be advised on how much to invest, where to invest and to what level.

Due to the short nature of our business loans we have the ability to pick any changes in the market.

Discover the benefits of choosing us to support your investment strategy

Our clients trust us to partner with them due to our wealth of investment experience in all financial markets. With 30 years of developing investment strategies and our committee approach to investing we are now able to offer you:


All SMSF audit fees are paid while you are in the fund*

Tailored portfolio management

All reporting
and paperwork

Access to investment events

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