What can you expect from Maxima Global?

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to invest in an attractive Australian investment with a secured High yielding fixed rate of return, the Maxima Global Capital Fund.

In an investment environment where yields continue to decrease, we believe our product offering remainsattractive to an investor looking for a fixed interest return backed by Australia mortgage securities.

Whilst we are subject to the same market forces that inevitably force us to follow the general trend of falling interest rates, our business model is robust and well proven and enables us to continue to offer an attractive investment at any point in the cycle. The Fund also offers an excellent opportunity to capitalise in a market where finance from the Australian major banks have become increasingly unnecessarily difficult.

We will be offering A Class Units which will have the following features:

• A fixed return of 10 % net per annum over a minimum term of 1 year paid monthly

• The backing of a pool of mortgages secured over quality Australian real estate

• Potential to hold units in a discrete ownership structure using trusts

We will carefully assess every opportunity presented to us prior to any commitment being made to advance funds, to ensure the opportunity meets the Fund’s strict lending criteria. The loan criteria endeavours to qualify the feasibility of the transactions, determine the terms of finance advanced, minimise risk and maximise returns for our investors in the trust.

What is the impact of SMSF’s on the Australian economy?

More than ever before, Australians are looking to take greater control, have a better understanding and to be involved in their superannuation. With over a third of the total superannuation pool of funds in this sector, the Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) appears to be the retirement option of choice for many Australians.

There are now over 500,000 funds in existence covering over 1 million members, with the value of assets residing in these funds currently worth over 500 billion and looks to be rising faster than any other sector in Australia.

Investment Strategy and Business Model Of Maxma Global

It is the intention of the Maxima Global to provide commercial finance secured by mortgages.

The business model of the Fund is to raise funds from investors through the issue of A Class Units under the Trust and to on lend these funds on the security of registered second mortgage over real estate in Australia.

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